Personal Training at the Tennis Center 
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 ABOUT THE PERSONAL TRAINING PROGRAM Our personal training program is focused on equipping our clients to maintain healthy and sustainable lifestyles. We strive to empower individuals to reach their health, body composition, and performance goals and to find fitness enjoyable. Our program has a 100% satisfaction rating and is one of the best and most affordable personal training options in Bloomington and at Indiana University!  PERSONAL TRAINING AT THE TENNIS CENTER Whether you are looking to up your tennis game or increase your overall fitness, our nationally accredited personal trainers are equipped with the knowledge to help you reach your goals. We are standing by ALL DAY to work with you on improving your footwork, serve strength, conditioning, body composition, and your unique health goals. Ready to get started? Click the button above to sign up for a FREE consultation!  WHAT OUR CLIENTS HAVE TO SAY “When I workout after playing tennis, I feel that I can use the new equipment correctly and it will have a larger benefit for me and my tennis game. If you are a tennis player, personal training can be a great addition to your routine.” – Male Tennis Center Member  “My trainer came across as very authentic and he gave me a lot of in-depth knowledge about the workouts we were doing, why, and how. I appreciated how holistic the program was with the nutrition guidance and the workout expertise” – Male Graduate Student  “I enjoyed the fact that I was able to ask specific questions that otherwise would not have been answered by anyone else. I really enjoyed the personal aspect so that we could focus on my goals, I could correct my form, etc. Overall, it was a really fruitful experience.” – Female Faculty Member  “I had a tendency to injure myself when strength training by not listening to my body or not knowing how to work around injuries. Since investing in personal training, I eat better and have the techniques to work out safely on my own. My body composition is better and I’m much stronger”. – Male Undergraduate Student